Age, illness, surgery or injury as well as other high impact factors related to these conditions can result in rapid depletion of the body’s key nutrients. Supplements with ‘high in’ nutrient claims are often formulated specifically to assist in times when more than the usual nutritional assistance is required to support the body’s physical and emotional wellbeing.


Format can play a role when it comes to the levels of certain nutrients. For example: If you are looking for a supplement with high levels of protein (amino acids) which your body needs to repair body tissues and maintain muscle mass, a shake is a more convenient as well as more affordable format. You would have to consume a large number of tablets to equal the amino acid content in a protein based shake.




Affordability is always a key driver of choice however, simply comparing the prices of similar products with the same pack sizes on shelf doesn’t always guarantee that you will get the best value or nutrition for your money.