Ntozonye’s (67) story as told by his daughter Samke (33).

My dad was a very strong man who enjoyed good health.  In fact, I do not remember him being unwell at all before he suffered a stroke eight years ago.

My dad worked in construction (building and plumbing) and he was a very independent man.  I’m proud to say that he built our family home himself including the construction of all the plumbing.  It is such a pity that he can no longer do all the things that he loved doing on his own.

It was a normal working day of the week and my dad spent the day on a roof repairing a neighbour’s tiles, after which he returned home.  After dinner, he fell on the floor.  We immediately took him to the doctor who arranged for him to be rushed to hospital, where we were told that he had suffered a stroke.

His whole left side was affected. He was hospitalised for about a month and when he was discharged he could not walk or help himself with his basic needs.   We had to feed him and do everything for him for a few months after he was discharged. His whole life completely changed after the stroke.  He is now dependent on us, his wife and children, basically for everything.  We need to assist him (for example) with changing sides when he is asleep and putting his shoes on, to name a few. As the years went by, his situation improved somewhat but even now he is not able to walk without using his walking stick.

I must say that after using Lifegain® nutritional shake, I have seen a difference in my father.  He feels that he has more strength for activities such as his monthly physiotherapy.  He can lie on his tummy and I have noticed that he seems to have more endurance while being exercised.  Lifegain® is also a great supplement for him to support his nutrition when he doesn’t have an appetite, giving us the reassurance that he is getting essential nutrients that he needs.