Lifegain® partners with the Dischem Foundation to help keep community vegetable gardens flourishing.

Lifegain® and The Dis-Chem Foundation Collaborate to Cultivate Nutrient-Rich Community Gardens

In response to the escalating challenges faced by consumers in maintaining a healthy diet due to the rising cost of living, Lifegain®, a product by Nativa, partnered with The Dis-Chem Foundation. Together, they are dedicated to establishing nutritional community gardens in vulnerable areas.

To address the issue, Lifegain® initiated a campaign where, for every unit of Lifegain® 1 kg product sold through Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Nativa pledged a donation of R15.00 to The Dis-Chem Foundation. Over the last two years, Lifegain® successfully raised a total of R134,000. This year, the goal is to increase the contribution to R100,000, contingent upon the number of units sold.

Jacqueline Kahlberg from The Dis-Chem Foundation, highlighted the ongoing struggle of communities facing food insecurity due to the relentless increase in the cost of living. She emphasized the crucial role that community gardens play in providing nutritional relief and moving towards sustainability.

“Nutrition and sustainability are among the Dis-Chem Foundation’s pillars,” stated Kahlberg. “We are pleased to play a meaningful role in relieving the burden of struggling communities by providing them with nutritional sustenance.”

The funds raised by Lifegain® are channelled to The Dis-Chem Foundation, which collaborates with the Humanitarian Empowerment Fund (HEF). HEF is instrumental in setting up community gardens in various locations, including Newclare, Johannesburg; Children’s Haven in Roodepoort; University of Johannesburg; and Curamus School for Autism. These funds cover the initial establishment and cultivation of the gardens, as well as the purchase of seedlings, ultimately growing into wholesome, fresh, and nutritious produce.

Francois Beetge, Dis-Chem’s Key Accounts Manager from Nativa, affirmed Lifegain®’s commitment to sound nutrition and the overarching goal of empowering individuals to regain their strength and improve their quality of life. Beetge expressed the company’s dedication to values such as integrity, innovation, excellence, courage, and collaboration. According to Beetge, supporting The Dis-Chem Foundation aligns seamlessly with these values, benefiting communities directly and making a positive impact on their lives.

“We continuously witness the impact of this critical initiative and are humbled and gratified to extend better nutrition to those in need,” said Kahlberg. “We are grateful that Lifegain®’s contribution, commitment, and support enable the growth of the community gardens. We look forward to the ongoing process of planting, harvesting, and assisting communities striving towards sustainability.”

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