Samentha Reddy


At the start of Lockdown as Nurse I had to adjust to the new normal in my workplace. I was appointed as one of the dedicated nurses to work in a patient investigations unit for Covid 19. I had to work 12 hour shifts and 5 days a week alternatively. I would get up at 5am in the morning to prepare for my day. A month later trying to adapt to the changes in my lifestyle and at work I felt fatigue, I skipped meals and I had no appetite.

This led to lack of concentration, lack of energy, lack of sleep and weigh loss. My brother has been using LIFEGAIN® as he has a very active lifestyle. He was concerned about my health and the challenges I faced, he introduced LIFEGAIN® to me. I have been using LIFEGAIN® for 8 months, my health has been restored. I feel fit and i still feel energetic after my 12 hour shift.

I get home and still spend quality time with family. My concentration and weight has improved. I sleep very well. If I am having a hectic day and I cannot sit down to eat, Its an easy ready to drink meal for me which I enjoy and I love the strawberry flavour. It has all the vitamins and nutrients to keep me mentally and physically healthy. I also have introduced it to friends who are healthcare workers. Thank you LIFEGAIN® for restoring my health! Currently using the strawberry flavour of LIFEGAIN®.

LIFEGAIN® is maintaining my healthy lifestyle and it is really fun to try new flavours.