Managing the effects of age

As an elderly individual you may eat less due to 15

  • decreased appetite and thirst
  • a decline in the pleasantness of the taste and smell of foods
  • a lack of motivation and energy to prepare meals

Loss of muscle mass is also a natural part of ageing and as we get older we tend to be a little less active, which can lead to loss of lean muscle mass and strength.

In addition, the body’s immune system response may not be as strong as it was when you were younger.

Lifegain® helps maintain your health

Many elderly people may have problems with the nutrients in food not being absorbed properly from the digestive tract.

LIFEGAIN® Benefits for the elderly

High in Nutrients

Packed with nutrients that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system


High in energy


High in a unique triple protein combination that is easily digested by the body to help with muscle support and strength

Easy to consume

The shake is an easy and convenient format to take to restore and maintain nutrient levels during times when you don’t have much appetite or are struggling to eat


15. Corcoran, C., Murphy, C., Culligan, E.P., Walton, J. and Sleator, R.D., 2019. Malnutrition in the elderly. Science Progress, 102(2), pp.171-180.