LIFEGAIN® is an ALL-IN-ONE high-quality supplement that contains a UNIQUE COMBINATION OF INGREDIENTS to assist with maintaining and replenishing your body’s nutrient levels.

LIFEGAIN® Advanced Nutritional Supplement contains soy protein, milk protein concentrate and whey isolate and is therefore suitable for Lacto-vegetarians who eat dairy but not eggs, fish, poultry, or meat 16.Vegetarians need to make sure that they get enough of the nutrients that their bodies need. Ensuring a sufficient intake of protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and calcium amongst others is particularly important 16.

LIFEGAIN® contains whey protein isolate (cow’s milk), iron and zinc. LIFEGAIN® also contains calcium and vitamin B12 as well as other nutrients that can help to supplement the nutrient needs of vegetarians. LIFEGAIN® Advanced Nutritional Supplement is vegetarian friendly

LIFEGAIN® Advanced Nutritional Supplement is not suitable for vegans given that LIFEGAIN® contains milk and whey proteins however, vegans can use LIFEGAIN® Glutamine. Vegan diets are often very low in L-Glutamine levels so vegans might want to supplement their intake.

L-Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid (a building block for proteins), found naturally in the body. It is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is involved in more metabolic processes than any other amino acid.


Gluten is a protein naturally found in some grains including wheat, barley and rye that helps to bind foods together, like when making dough for example. Some people have an intolerance to gluten which can cause serious side effects in their bodies. When your body is sensitive to gluten, it sees gluten as a toxin and the immune system overreacts and attacks the gluten causing inflammation 17.

Side effects:


  • Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Alternating constipation and diarrhoea


  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Malnutrition
  • Intestinal damage

As a result, individuals may develop an autoimmune illness known as Celiac Disease 18.

People with Celiac Disease are however at higher risk of osteoporosis and anaemia as well due to poor absorption of calcium and iron as well as infertility, nerve disorders and in rare cases cancer 17. Following a gluten free diet can be challenging! Fortunately, LIFEGAIN® Advanced Nutritional Supplement is gluten free and therefore a great way to supplement your nutrient intake if you have an intolerance for gluten.

Always inform your specialist or healthcare professional of any supplementation if you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease.

If you suffer from lactose intolerance your body is not able to fully digest lactose, which is a sugar found in milk and other dairy products 19.

Lactose intolerance can

  • cause digestive symptoms such as bloating, diarrhoea and gas after you consume foods or drinks that contain lactose 20.
  • affect your health if it keeps you from absorbing enough nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, which are important for bone health 20.

What is the difference between a lactose intolerance and milk allergy 21?

The great news is that LIFEGAIN is lactose free!

Food sensitivities like lactose and gluten intolerance can result in symptoms that impact your quality of life with the effects ranging from discomfort in the case of lactose intolerance and mild to severe symptoms with gluten intolerance.

In some individuals who have a gluten intolerance if gluten is not excluded from your diet, it could result in the development of more serious conditions. The great news is that LIFEGAIN® Advanced Nutritional Supplement is lactose and gluten free!

Nutrition is an especially important part of a healthy lifestyle when you have diabetes given the importance of keeping your blood glucose level (blood sugar) in your target range. Foods and beverages with added sugars need to be limited.


One of the ways to achieve better blood sugar levels is to follow a low carbohydrate diet as your body can’t process carbohydrates effectively when you have diabetes. Rather than eliminating all carbohydrates a low carb diet should include nutrient-dense high in fibre carbohydrate sources. Dietary requirements for Diabetics differ by patient to patient and it is therefore critical to check with your healthcare professional what supplementation will suit your individual needs.


Chromium is vital for glucose use and overall blood sugar regulation in the body. Boosting chromium levels may lead to decreased glucose levels and therefore may aid in the management of diabetes.


Magnesium is especially important in the metabolism of glucose, and it has been found that people who suffer from diabetes often have low levels of magnesium.

LIFEGAIN® Advanced Nutritional Supplement is:

  • High in fibre (as packed)
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Contains no added sugar
  • Contains chromium and magnesium


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