Nadia Faro

Managing Illness

“Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with a rare disease called, Granuloma Giant Cell tumors. The tumors started manifesting along my jaw and the rest of my face. However, they continue to erupt at a rapid pace. Radiology has revealed the presence of these lesions over numerous parts of my body( neck, legs, shoulders, hips, stomach, spine,) infesting almost my entire bodily framework. Five years ago, i I lost my hard palate, upper gums and all my teeth. I was on a liquid diet for 3 months.

The only product that kept me going was LIFEGAIN®. When I was transferred from ICU to a regular ward, my Mom made me daily Lifegain shaķes and LIFEGAIN® ice lollies. I gained my strength so quick and my weight was good. One year and six months ago I had a 3D facial implant inserted in her right side of my face. Again LIFEGAIN® to my rescue, every day I felt better and stronger. One year ago I undergone major surgical maxilla repair, fistula closure, excision of tumors and Caldwell-Luc antrostomy. My 17th surgery.

LIFEGAIN® and I walked quite a marathon together. If it was not for this trusted product, i would have lost so much weight, I would have been so weak and I would have stayed much longer in hospital. My Doctors were all surprised by my speedy recovery. All thanks to LIFEGAIN! I feel like a champion. Today marks the 350th day that I’m Oymetazoline hydrochloride free. I’ve been having trouble with my left leg for some time.

A week ago I went to the GP, their sent me for xrays, 20 new tumors grew in my leg, 90% of the bone in my leg is gone and I can hardly walk. I’m going for another huge operation soon, but with LIFEGAIN® on my side, I can face anything.