Achumile Ngantweni

Service Consultant

I started using LifeGain when my mom was ill. She would drink it as she didn’t have much of an appetite and struggling to down anything. I would sneak and make myself a glass too. From then, I started loving it and it grew on it securing a spot as a shake substitute.

You get energy all day to do your school work and your office work, simultaneously. Your busy day don’t feel busy anymore because LifeGain gives you strength to be active all day. My work involves talking on the phone the whole day and that could be draining but with LifeGain, everything is just easy.

I regret not starting it before but I understand I didn’t know about it and it’s so sad. Today, me and my mom we use it every morning as we talk about out nights and dreams. Again, young people should use it too it’s so convenient and easy to make… it’s a meal-full-of-nutrients on-the-go. Indeed I’m gaining Life on these products… prices are next to nothing at all participating stores around the country.