Alwyn Marais

Health Maintenance

I realized at a young age that as a middle-distance athlete, nutrition is a very important part of my success.

You can be on the best training program in the world but without good nutrition, it will all be for nothing.


Since using LIFEGAIN I have experienced less muscle pain after training sessions, as well as faster recovery. With LIFEGAIN in my diet I feel that I have more energy, and I know my nutritional needs are being met. LIFEGAIN plays a large role in my athletics-program, by assisting my body to recover faster and more efficiently. This has allowed me to train more consistently and gain a greater understanding of my body’s full potential. Although I am only 16 years old, I will continue to use LIFEGAIN in my daily routine, as I feel it is a product I can trust, and I am confident that it provides the nutrition that I need as an active athlete.