Brett Renecle

Major Surgery

Just before the Covid-19 outbreak in South Africa my mom went to visit my brother in Johannesburg.  My brother needed surgery to repair a hernia in his stomach that was causing him a lot of pain.  You could actually see it sticking out from the surface of his skin.  He underwent surgery and everything seemed fine however, when he started eating and drinking fluids again, he started experiencing severe pain!

The doctor discovered that post surgery a blockage had developed and after eating and drinking everything had accumulated and he was severely bloated.  He had to go back into surgery for the blockage to be cleared.  I was also really worried about him being in the hospital with the Covid-19 pandemic and I couldn’t be there for him either!  With my mother staying with him and being elderly I was really concerned that she could catch Covid too.

Thanks to LIFEGAIN and Dischem’s delivery service I could send my mom her monthly supply and I sent an extra tin for my brother which he started using as soon as he got out of hospital. He said that LIFEGAIN definitely helped him recover and he felt much stronger sooner than he expected. I also had the reassurance of knowing that by taking LIFEGAIN they were both supporting their immune systems during the pandemic.

Thank you LIFEGAIN for making a difference for my family!  I have recommended LIFEGAIN to many people and will continue to do so!