Debbie-Lee & Oliver Moses

Healthy Individuals

I use LIFEGAIN daily as I have a very busy life working as a marketing freelancer, assisting with my husband’s pet shop where we help rescued animals, do parrot grooming as well as nutritional and behavioural counselling.  I tend to skip meals or grab fast food due to a lack of time to prepare meals.

I have been taking LIFEGAIN now for over 4 years. By taking LIFEGAIN I know that I’m getting many of the nutrients that my body needs and it helps to give me the energy I need to cope with everything I need to get done in the day. I feel that LIFEGAIN also helps with my concentration levels.   When I’m busy and feel sluggish I know why!  I’ve forgotten to take my LIFEGAIN!

Sometimes when I feel a cold coming on I will take an extra LIFEGAIN to help my body to fight off an infection and it works like a charm?.  I like all the flavours and alternate them for variety!  Some shakes are grainy and I have issues with textures of certain foods.

LIFEGAIN is lovely and smooth and I really enjoy drinking it.  My husband and I are vegetarians and we both take LIFEGAIN for its high protein levels as well .   I also suffer from lactose intolerance which causes my stomach and intestines to cramp.  This condition can be really uncomfortable so the fact that LIFEGAIN is lactose free is super awesome!!  I’m so glad that I have LIFEGAIN in my life!  I literally cannot live without it!

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