Gail Renecle

Major Surgery

My mom who is in her sixties has had two brain surgeries to remove tumours. (Fortunately neither were cancerous).  When the first tumour was discovered it was the size of a tennis ball.  Her surgery was 6 hours but fortunately a success thanks to an amazing neurosurgeon!

Unfortunately, some years later it grew back and the second time round my mom’s speech and motor skills were severely affected. Prior to the surgery which she had to wait for, she was bed ridden.  She lost her motor skills and couldn’t even speak properly. We were terrified that she was going to pass on before the surgery or that post surgery she would be disabled! After her second surgery my mom was very weak.

She starting to walk again but her speech was still significantly affected. and given that she was previously a busy person this was very frustrating to her.  My mom would regularly go down to the beach and swim in the sea and now she really felt handicapped.  With my mom being on pension I made a decision to help with her nutrition and get her back on track and took her a tin of LIFEGAIN.

My mom enjoyed the taste of the Vanilla Shake and after a few weeks we could see an great improvement in her speech and strength.  We live 80 kms away from each other so I order her LIFEGAIN from Dischem and my mom collects it every month. LIFEGAIN has really helped her to get back to being herself again and to enjoy a better quality of life.  I’m also pleased to share that to date there has been no tumour regrowth.