Managing Long Term Illness​

LIFEGAIN is a wonderful supplement for me. I was diagnosed with celiac disease about thirteen years ago as well as severe IBS-C. Due to these illnesses, I suffer greatly with poor digestion. Since my body does not absorb all the nutrients in the food I eat, my immune system has been compromised. As a result, I contracted shingles when my immune system completely crashed. ​

I needed a gluten and lactose free supplement that supplied my body with adequate nutrition to help me recover and live a better quality of life. I tried other supplements that seemed ok at first, but I quickly realised that they were loaded with fat and sugar, and you only get a small portion of the vitamins and other nutrients listed per serving. ​

On seeking expert advice, my doctor recommended LIFEGAIN because it contains all the good stuff with none of the bad, it would support my immune system, not trigger my IBS or Celiac Disease, and aid my digestion with the added Glutamine. ​

I use it now every day and feel great.​
Thank you Lifegain.​