Joan Andreasen

Managing Aging

Joan Andreasen shares her story with a Nativa Sales Person in a pharmacy:

I saw this advert in this pharmacy for Lifegain® and I stopped to share my story. This product was recommended when my husband had cancer. He lived for a further three years, and he said even if he eats nothing else, as long as he has a little bit of Lifegain® he feels fine. Unfortunately, he passed away ten years ago. Now I am 88 and I was feeling a bit low and asked my doctor to give me a course of vitamin B. He said ‘No, take Lifegain®, you don’t need vitamin B, everything is in Lifegain®.’ I now always have a tin of Lifegain®, the big one because it is cheaper and look at me, I’m 88, there you are! I highly recommend Lifegain® and this is not an advert, this is the truth.