Which nutrients are important for recovery from injury?

When you are immobile, it becomes harder for your body to use amino acids (building blocks of protein) to build muscle. To overcome this, higher protein intake is recommended, especially the amino acid, leucine, which has the power to stimulate muscle protein synthesis faster than other amino acids and aids recovery from injury. Whey protein contains the highest amount of leucine.

Complex carbohydrates are crucial for recovery from injury as they provide the energy for healing during injury recovery.

Omega-3 fatty acids can also play a role in muscle repair, building muscle mass, regaining strength as well as decreasing inflammation.

Vitamin C assists with wound healing, tissue repair and optimal immune function.

Vitamin A assists with cell growth and development as well as immune function.

Vitamin D is important for bone and immune health. Assists with stress fractures, sprains, tears, broken bones, and recovery from injury.

Zinc assists with wound healing, protein synthesis and immune function.

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